Unbox and set up Kodi on your FireStick

Our new writer MikeCoys takes a look at how simple it is to install Kodi and a build on an out of the box Fire Stick. Don’t fall for all this rubbish these sellers tell you about a jailbroken firestick! Its all a load of rubbish. There is no such thing. Don’t be ripped off! Do it yourself in minutes and start enjoying Kodi.

Unbox and set up Kodi on your FireStick

This blog will help you from from understanding whats in the box to installing Kodi and watching your content within minutes.

First off a little advice I give people about the Firestick is that if you have bought it to load kodi on then just use it for that purpose do not use it for games or downloading movies, after all this thing only has 5GB of memory but will work perfectly well with just the Kodi app on it.

First up, whats in the box….

What you get in the box are the following:

Firestick, Wifi Ext Lead, Mains Plug & Mains Lead, Remote & Batteries.

Setting Up

Insert batteries into remote, then join the Firestick to the Wifi Ext lead and plug into a free HDMI socket on your tv. Next insert power lead into the usb on the plug and plug the other end into the side of the Firestick. Plug in and turn on then select the correct HDMI on your tv. #Simple


The Remote and Functions

Powering up for the First time.

When the stick powers up for the first time, you will be prompted to press the HOME button to pair up the remote with the stick (hold the home button down until it pairs up).

Next you will be asked to press the Play/Pause button to start up (Press and hold this button in until it starts) and select language ( ENGLISH UK ).

The stick will then search for wifi connections, from the list it shows, choose yours enter your wifi key and sign in.

Next this is where you will need an Amazon account go to www.amazon.co.uk and create an account (remembering your details you need to enter them in the stick). I always register a card with Amazon, no money is taken from your account but it makes it easier to obtain some of the free apps later.

Next on the stick you will be asked if you have an account click on yes (after doing the above) then enter your details click to sign in, then click to continue as…..(YOUR NAME).

You will then be asked if you want to save passwords to Amazon, I click yes but that’s up to the individual and it doesn’t really matter.

Next….enable/disable parental controls again I click disable cos I find them a pain but it’s up to the individual again.


How simple has this been so far Guys? #Easy 

You are now on the Home Screen.

How to Calibrate the screen

Select SETTINGS at the top right of the home screen using the remote up and right buttons (see earlier photo) click on settings then go down and across to DISPLAY & SOUNDS – click on this

Next click display auto with no scale then click calibrate display.


Then using the down part of the mouse press down until all the arrow points on the screen are just visible (see photo) and click accept.

On the remote now press the back arrow twice to get back to settings then go across to DEVICE and click on this.
Click on DEVELOPER OPTIONS and turn on ADB DEBUGGING & APPS FROM UNKNOWN SOURCES (ignore the warning).


Press the back arrow until you get back to your home screen.

Once back on the Home screen, scroll along the top to the SEARCH icon far left and click on this.

Using the remote type in FIREDL then go down and click on it.

On the next screen click on the Firedl icon then click download (at this point it will download free if you registered a card with amazon if you didn’t it will fail)

Next click install.

You are now presented with the FIREDL screen…..

In the top URL bar type in 831177 this will then change to the KODO 17.4 url (831177 is the current code for KODI 17.4 but it is subject to change, you can get all the new codes from (www.radianware.com)
If the code is correct you will see it start to download in the top bar once finished a box will open giving you the option to CANCEL or INSTALL click install.

Then on the next screen click OPEN. And KODI should now open on your FIRESTICK.

Wow How easy is this? You are now ready to install a build.
How to add the Wookie Wizard.

Go up to settings at the top of the page (cog icon)

And click on it, on the next screen click on MEDIA SETTINGS. Scroll down to where it says STANDARD and click this until it says EXPERT.


Press return key on remote then select SYSTEM SETTINGS. Click on it scroll down the left side to highlight ADD-ONS. With the remote go right and click on UNKNOWN SOURCES click it then click yes ignoring the warning.

Press return key on remote to get back to SETTINGS and go down to FILE MANAGER and click on this.

Click on ADD SOURCE then click on where it says <NONE> and type in this address http://wookiespmc.com/wiz/ then click ok you will then see below where it says NAME it has called it WIZ automatically click ok.

Press the return key twice to get back to the main screen then scroll down the left side and click on ADD-ONS.

Go to the open box icon top left (see photo) click on this. Scroll down to INSTALL FROM ZIP FILE. Click on that then scroll down to where it says WIZ and click on that.

Then you will see CLICK ME – SUCCUMB TO THE WOOKIE click on this and wait for Wookie to load then click twice on CLOSE on the box that appears.

Press return button on the remote. You will see the wookie icon click on this and WOOKIE will open.

Next click on COMMUNITY BUILDS. A list of builds will appear, you can choose any build that is a KRYPTON build (these are made for KODI 17.0 and above).

As you will see from the photo I have gone with EZZERMANS – UP/DOWN BUILD. You can choose any of the builds you want. Just press right on remote and click on the INSTALL button, press continue on the next box that appears because you are doing a fresh install.

Your build will now download and install itself after this KODI will auto reboot. Click the blue KODI icon to launch it then give your new build approx. 10 minutes to update itself and you are free to enjoy.


To get the Kodi icon at the front of your apps on the firestick home screen you can do the following;

From the home screen go down to APPS & GAMES then scroll all the way right until you are on the KODI icon, when on the icon press the key on the remote with the 3 lines on it (this is basically your right click key) you will see bottom right of your screen you have some options, click on MOVE TO FRONT and the icon will now be front of APPS & GAMES.

You are all sorted and ready to enjoy the wonders of Ezzermans Up/Down build. How simple was that? Don’t ripped off by sellers for the non existent jailbroken Firestick. This is exactly the same!

Hope you enjoyed my very first blog for #BFK and here’s to many more!


Unbox and set up Kodi on your FireStick

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Unbox and set up Kodi on your FireStick


Unbox and set up Kodi on your FireStick



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Author: Mikecoys