Update News Important to all Project Cypher Fans 18/10/2015

Project Cypher Kodi addon

Good Morning Guys

Just received this important information from the guys at Project Cypher please read message below

Project cypher has had a small update as I had to change server due to the lock out .. this wont change anything that you will see as its behind the scenes stuff… the following link is a DIRECT download link so you wont see a page or anything when you click but the zip will be in your downloads location of your device that your using to download from.


Screenshot 2015-10-20 18.20.19

All the best Team Project Cypher

Screenshot 2015-10-20 18.20.31

They hope to add to Renegades REPO at some point over next few days but to keep upto date today as access new channels they are adding.


Enjoy the rest of your Sunday



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