Update Review of Mega’s Wookie Build – Great for Firesticks

Update Review of Mega's Wookie Build - Great for Firesticks


Hi guys, having taken a look at few build lately I thought it was time to update the Review of Mega’s Wookie Build – Great for Firesticks.


Update Review of Mega’s Wookie Build – Great for Firesticks


Indecently, what a great year last year was for BFK the site growth has gone through the roof again, to think we only launched just over 14 months ago to get the site hits we are getting is beyond my expectations.

This would not have been possible without all of you so Thanks again from the whole team here. You are all stars and part of our team here. Please keep re-tweeting our tweets and sharing blogs on Facebook so more people get to know our site.

Loving the tweets we are getting for you guys to such a motivation to hear all of your positive comments and thoughts regarding the site. (keep them coming lol)


So whats Mega’s Wookie Latest Build all about?


Following on from his amazing Kids build read the blog about that HERE comes this amazing little build.

There is always much hype surrounding Megas builds and so this one is no different!!

This most recent  build has been updated just after Christmas with the latest features and the removal of any Christmas themes.

Mega learnt from a master lol. I am so pleased to see his apprentice taking the Kodi scene by storm. The great thing about Mega’s builds is they are regularly updated and the build even has its own twitter account which can be followed here. Just be careful of the very strange character that runs it for him Haha.

So why all the hype??, that’s an easy answer to give, the lay out is great and very easy to navigate the menus, the colour scheme is easy on the eye and the backgrounds superb and the most important thing its packed with all the best addons.

So where do you get this build? To learn how to get this build follow Damo’s tutorial here This will show you how install the wookie wizard and access the community builds section.

Update Review of Mega's Wookie Build - Great for Firesticks

The advantages of it being hosted by the Wookie team is that its hosted on a premium server unlike a lot of builds so will download to your device in minutes.

Mega maintains his trademark Blue theme throughout his latest build and it continues to impress. Add to that the striking Flash when you start up the build and there is no doubt who put this one together.
Again, not a huge build in terms of size which still makes it suitable for Firestick users. Keeping the size of build down while still maintaining to supply easy access to an ever increasing number of quality addons it not and easy task, so hats off to Mega on that one.
The RSS feed running across the top of the screen is regularly updated by Mega, so keep an eye on this for all the news.

Here are some of the addons in this build?

Sports Addons – Adrian Sports, ARNU Box, DC Sports, Pro Sports, Halow, Ares Football, Champion Sports, Bulldog Streams, Cosmix, Find My Game, Maverick Sports, Moneysports, MIC Sports, Njm Soccer, OUR Sports, Sportscenter HD, Supremacy, SportsDevil, Sportie, UFC Finest, WWE, Zodiac, Zem
Movies/TV Addons – Exodus, Happy Movies, I-stream, M4u, Movie Mix, Release Hub, Real Movies, Scene Peeper, Show-box, Specto, Stream Army, Salts, Silent Hunter, TV Mix, Velocity, White Devil, Watch Episodes, Yes Movies, 123Movies,
Live TV Addons – BBCiPlayer, Bamf TV, Echo TV, Live Mix,Ultimate IPTV, Specialist Streams, Sr-Tv, Uktvnow, FilmOn, Free Channels, Project M, Reaper, Zig-Zag,
Multi Addons – Ak47, BOB, Evolve, Phoenix, Project Cypher, UK Turk, VidTime, Paragon, Sanctuary
Paid Addons – Smoothstreams, Nbscn, MCKTV, StreamTvbox, Sportsmania, Sportsnation Hd (access is only available to these if sub to any of them by using your details in the addon settings)
Music Addons – Mtv UK, Music Legends, Pulse Music, Studio Beats, Music Source, Now Music, Quicksilver, Video Juke Box 
Fitness Addons – Pulse Workout, Insanity, Keep Fit, Health & Fitness, Ones Fitness, UK Turk Fitness, Dasnce & Fit, Reaper Fitness.
Kids Addons – Angry Birds TV, Bobs Kids, Bobbys Cartoons, Beaus Kids, Cartoons8, Just Lego, Toon Mania, Velocity Kids, Kids TV, Kids Movies, Origin Toons, Tigens Movies
Maintenance/ wizards – Wookie, Echo

So lets have a quick look at some screenshots of the build.

 Update Review of Mega's Wookie Build - Great for Firesticks
Bob Unrestricted takes its place at the helm
Update Review of Mega's Wookie Build - Great for Firesticks
The Movie Hub has all the addons you need to enjoy an evening at the cinema.
Great to see the relatively new and already widely respected addon Sanctuary
The Sports Hub has all the best free Sports addons available in Kodi.
I particularly like the Find My Game Addon. It just makes life easier.
Paragon, full of tasty titbits from the Alpha Team
The Freeview Tv Section has some great addons to bring you tv channels from all over the world.
The Brilliant Exodus superb for Movies and Tv Shows add a Real Debrid account to it to get the best out of it.
Tv Show section has some very newcomers and look balanced and should have you covered for all the options.
UK Turks award winning package includes content for all ages.
Just what we need, especially after Christmas, links to all the Fitness favourites here.
Music Hub has been update with some extra music addons, maybe still has a few big hitters missing but you can easily add these into build following our guides on site.
The Amazing Phoenix has its own section with quick links to all of its superb sections.
Addon Hub gives you access to all the addons on the build.
System menu is the home of file manager if you want to add other sources, and a nice touch is the addition of the build date so you will always know if you are running the latest build.
A full TV guide and its settings. Great if you are into this or are a new user. I know from personal experience, just how much maintenance these sections take. Its hat’s off the Mega for including this in his build.
Kids Hub has all the best Kids addons and will keep the little one’s entertained for hours.
The Paid sub section is an additional section not seen in many builds. Each addon can only be used if you sub to them and enter your details( This menu can be hidden from build if you don’t use.
So what are you waiting for? Get this amazing build on your Kodi device and start enjoying the great addons in it.

Update Review of Mega’s Wookie Build – Great for Firesticks


This is a great build and it just gets better, long may it continue.

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Keep Dabbling.

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