URL RESOLVER: The most used addon that stays in the background


After the recent Rick Rolling on streams, we thought we would write this article. Something like this is not new, there was of course the now famous pigeons videos. These occurred when trying to play a stream through add-ons, Why did this happen? … Well the answer is as follows.


Kodi add-ons scrape the file hosting sites that have the streaming files on.  Whether these are Films,  TV shows or music videos. Since the popularity of Kodi is increasing the sites get more and more hits. This means the sites notice the increase in traffic and change the code, so that we get the videos mentioned above.

I’m sure you’ll now be wondering how do the add-ons scrape the sites, the reason is the URL Resolver.


So what is the URL Resolver:

The Url Resolver is a universal tool used for add-ons to play videos stored on file locker websites. Sites such as Gvideo, clicknupload, zshare, dizilab are some of the more popular ones.

The add-ons send a play command to URL Resolver. URL Resolver takes over the process as it has coding that allows it to navigate through these hosts.  Without URL Resolver each add-on developer would need to all write our own resolvers, like Lambda did in Genesis. He now uses URL Resolver in Exodus too.


URL Resolver History

URL Resolver was originally written by T0mm0 for Kodi Offical Repository  but handed over to Eldorado of  TVADDONS. These days its mostly maintained by TKnorris and Lambda. Tknorris recently totally rewrote it to make it twice as fast at resolving video.

These two pretty much maintain the entirety of the addon, with additional help from some members of the community

URL Resolver is automatically installed with any add-on that uses it, so you probably have the latest Urlresolver update on your box without event knowing it.

The following update info was found on TVADDONS forum so thanks to TVADDONS for the following information about the latest Kodi URL Resolver update:

When Lambda was creating one of the best add-ons around Exodus, he rewrote a lot of the coding in the URL Resolver as he wanted URL Resolver to be the universal method for opening streams.  He changed over 143 sources files and 7000 lines of code to optimize and make URL Resolver better:


URL Resolver Kodi newest changes:

  • Every resolver has been reviewed and fixed, as needed
  • Every defunct resolver has been removed
  • Five new resolvers have been added
  • Simply-Debrid is now supported
  • Google’s ReCaptcha Version 2 is now supported (“I’m not a robot” checkboxes)
  • New method of simplifying ReCaptcha has been added
  • FilePup’s resolver has been updated to a hoster supported method (meaning less frequent breakage)
  • Simplification across the board to make adding resolvers easier


As i’m sure you will have Exodus installed, you will already have the latest URL Resolver update. You can just carry on and enjoy the changes Lambda has made!

As of August 14th 2016 there was a necessary due to the Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” would start playing when you would try to stream through a handful of the file hosts.  The problem has been fixed with the latest version of URL Resolver, v3.0.17. At present there is another update being done as the Rick Astley vids popping back up on certain streams.


If you want to have a look at the URL Resolver and set things like priority and premium accounts up by navigating to SYSTEM > Add-ons > SYSTEM > Dependencies > Urlresolver > Configure.


I hope you liked my little look at one of the most used but least known addons around.

Till next time






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