Velocity Kids addon Install Guide



Velocity Kids addon Install Guide

Wow what can i say The Kodi Velocity For Kids add-on from the BlazeTamer repo has been launched. What a great addition to Kodi and Velocity.

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So whats it all about? This addon is a companion to the Velocity addon. If like me you have kids and you worry about their internet safety and what content they can view then this addon is for you. It can be easily integrated into any kids build or profile.

It allows you to create a kids folder from Velocity and Trakt and your kids will ONLY have access to that list. You have the ability to add, edit, delete, and control what content your kids have access to. Superb i must say.

Its very simple to setup. You will need to have Velocity installed as well for this to work so check out our install guide for that HERE

Right lets get it installed first then we will have a quick look at what you can do with.

What do you need to do to keep upto date on the news about this addon? well Follow BlazeTamer on twitter HERE and some of his team working on the project with him HERE And HERE, keep an eye of us and follow our twitter feed HERE

If you don’t have his official repo installed on your device it can be downloaded from the following link HERE 

Once downloaded you can install it my going to

  • Select Settings
  • Click Addons
  • Select Install from Zip
  • Select where you saved zip on your device
  • Scroll down and select file and wait for addon enabled notification.

Then Select Settings

  • Click Addons
  • Select Get addons
  • Select BlazeTamer Repo
  • Select Video addons
  • Select Velocity and wait for addon enabled verfication

or it can be installed via fusion repo like below

For a Quick guide on how to install please follow the instructions below. You won’t be disappointed.

Step 1. Select System.

Step 2. Select Add-ons

Step 3. Select Install from Zip.

Step 4. Select Fusion.

Step 5. Select xbmc-repos.

Step 6. Select English.

Step 7. Scroll down and select repository.BlazeRepo3.2

Then wait for enabled notification.

Step 8.  Select Get Add-ons or Install from Repository.

Step 9. Select BlazeTamer repo.

Step 10. Select Video Add-ons.

Step 11. Select Velocity Kids.

Step 12.  Select Install.

Then wait for Add-on enabled.

Right lets have a look at How to get it setup.

Basically reactivate this addon with the same account you used for Velocity first

This BlazeTamer  thread on the official forums for the add-on: any questions or issues in setup please contact through there.

This is what BlazeTamer had to say on Velocity Kids

To use V for Kids
Authorize Velocity if you haven’t yet, then in EITHER Movies or TV section go into custom lists and create a list named “Kids” with no quotes
The newly created list will now be visible in BOTH Movies and TV in the custom list section.

In Velocity for Kids, Authorize it with THE SAME account you used in Velocity ( No need for a second Trakt Account) , after authorization , you will be presented with only 2 options, Parent Approved Movie and TV Shows.

Velocity Kids addon Install Guide
The only content in either of those will be what you added in Velocity .

Settings in Velocity for Kids is similar to Velocity. Minus the watched check-mark repair section.

Velocity Kids addon Install Guide


So you can go through Velocity right clicking or Pressing C or menu button and adding content to your Custom kids list you setup like below. Click add to custom list then select KIDS.

Velocity Kids addon Install Guide


Then when you go into Velocity kids all the content you have added will be listed for them to enjoy.


Velocity Kids addon Install Guide

So now the kids have their very own Trackt List to enjoy and for you to enjoy the peace lol.



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