Welcome to Best for Kodi

Welcome to Best for Kodi


Welcome to Best for Kodi.


Thanks for checking out the Welcome to Best for Kodi website. Welcome to Best for Kodi.

We are a relatively new site. Looking to help you out with add-ons, repos, products and such like for Kodi.

Don’t worry we don’t bite. We also have a team with different opinions and different ideas. So rather than one persons opinion we offer a different view from other sites. We all are avid users and have friends who are developers in the Kodi scene. Between us all, we have seen the good and superb that Kodi has to offer.

Having been forum moderators and twitter technical support guys for one of the biggest suppliers of Android devices in the UK.  We found that a lot of newcomers to Kodi can get daunted really quickly. So hopefully this site can help. We remember what it was like staring at your new TV Box for the first time.

There are some great information sites out there and we in no way mean to compete with them. We are just here to help.  Hopefully we can make life a bit easier for first time Kodi users and stalwarts alike. Maybe we can offer a different view point and even more importantly have a laugh and bit of fun on the way.

We hope you like the Best for Kodi site. New content will be added as and when, so why not bookmark us or stick us in your favorites. The world of Kodi add-ons and Android TV Boxes never stops. So nor do we.

For more about the Best for Kodi team you can see here.

To check out the awesome Best for Kodi T-Shirts check here.

Once again, thanks for looking us up. If you would like to stay in regular contact. Please follow us on Twitter here.


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