What is the future for Kodi Genesis Fans

What is the future for Kodi Genesis Fans

What is the future for Kodi Genesis Fans


Morning guys over the last few days we have seen a lot of statements from the Genesis camp from Lambda and S7eele in particular since the latest update 5.13 that not all is rosy.

Twitter and Facebook groups have gone into over drive and this is one of the top topics in discussion all around the world. This has caused a lot of panic and heated discussions within these groups.


Will this sight be a thing of the past?

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Quotes from Lambda below.

I am also thinking stoping Genesis development.
I can’t add anything to it anymore, they keep breaking everything because of the high traffic it sends.
It is installed by way too many people, and I can’t add anything to it anymore.
It keeps breaking all the time.
So it’s logical killing it and developing a new addon with a new addon id.
If the same happens with the new addon, do the same and the same.


He then later posted these messages

A year ago this addon (gotv/gomovies days) had only vkbox as a hd source, all other sources were sd.
People that used the addon back then where not stupid people that bought a box thinking they are so smart that they fooled paid services like netflix and can have a netflix for free.
These users have left this thread and I don’t blame them.
I am considering to do the same too

This addon has become way too popular and I have to take all the crap of this userbase.
This addon has become something like a “protection” for other addon developers against this userbase lol
It doesn’t worth it anymore.


Lambda is probably one of the most respected of Third party add-on developers in the community and a genuine nice guy and always makes time to speak to realative newbs to the scene like myself. Below is a post from S7eele on the official forum

If you want to show your support for the amazing things lambda has done for the community I think having patience as he decides on a way forward would be the most effective and most appreciated way. Do not leave posts anywhere on the forum suggesting the solution is charging a fee of some sort, lambda has gone to GREAT lengths to make it clear that Genesis was free and always would be. Take this message for what it is, don’t read anything more into it. It will take some time to work out details so one more time, please be patient. Don’t make things worse by posting about THIS situation in new or existing threads on the forum. Lambda has worked tirelessly for so long to give us the amazing experience we enjoy today, show your thanks and gratitude by giving him time to determine the best route forward.


The whole situation makes me hang my head in shame as i know how passionate he is about his work and providing the best service, for FREE i must add.

It even prompted TvAddons the home of Genesis to release an article or statement regarding respecting Devs and saying Thank You. This can be read HERE


I know from developing my own add-on how hurtful and disrespectful some of the Kodi community can be and could probably count on one hand the amount of users that tweet or message praise to me for the hard work, time and effort I put into providing a FREE service to the community. I even pulled development of one of my add-on’s Sparkys Streams due to the constant hassle and questions if was causing.

Below is a picture from a facebook group that i was reading this morning it makes my blood boil and its comments like this that just about sums up the Kodi community of late, no respect!!


I cant imagine how he feels right now as my add-on is Non League in comparison to his Champions League Product.


Whats this mean to you? 

Well a lot of you will just sit there and think “Oh Well, not my problem”. His decision however will effect the whole Kodi Community  on the level of when Mash Up shockingly decided to close its doors back in November 2014.Back then we were saved by Phoenix rising from the Ashes. But who is going to rise and save us all this time?

It will effect everyone’s Kodi experience not only that one of the best add-ons is not available to use. The extra traffic it will drive to other add-ons which may cause issues. It also sends a message to us smaller devs that its not worth the hassle and you could see a few more of us departing the scene. Its certainly shocked me and made me sit and think about it.


SO what now?
The future of Genesis, not much is known right now but it doe’s not look good in my eyes. If he decides to step away from the scene on a permanent or only temporary , it would be a massive blow to all the users and send ripples through the developer community.
These statements have also taken the gloss of the great additions that Lambda has brought us with his update 5.13 listed below





Thanks for taking the time out to read my article, enjoy the rest of your day but not forget to Thank the dev of your favorite add-on today and drop me a tweet on @bestforkodi on your thoughts on this subject.


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