Wi-Fi security has been breached – The importance of VPN

Good afternoon Guys and Girls. BestForKodi have always been an advocate of VPN on your Home network here is another reason why VPN is a must in this modern Tech World. Apologies for this blog not being our nice easy laid back read but thought important to cover.

Wi-Fi security has been breached – The importance of VPN

We broke a story yesterday via our twitter feed with regards to a WI-FI security issue highlighted to us by a couple of tech websites. So i thought i would take a little bit of time this morning to have a look into this story a bit deeper.

So you thought you’re safe using Wi-Fi?  Think again. Researchers have found a Wi-Fi exploit concerning WPA2, and the impact could be catastrophic.

The issue relates to the standard Wi-Fi protocol.

So, how does the hack work, who is vulnerable, and what can be done about it? Here’s a few pointers to help you.

So What is WPA2 WiFi Security?

WPA2 is the second iteration of the Wi-Fi Protected Access protocol. It secures network connections via a four-way handshake. The first step of this handshake requires us to enter a correct Wi-Fi password.

The next step generates an encryption key to lock down your internet traffic.

So Whats the issue?

The trouble lies in the encryption key. Hackers have found a way to insert themselves and manipulate the process by implementing what’s known as a key reinstallation attack.

More on reinstallation attacks can be read HERE

This Exploit has been named ‘KRACK’.

The KRACK exploit allows hackers to eavesdrop on traffic between computers and wireless access points. This could expose all personal information on internet connected devices, including credit card numbers, passwords, chat messages, emails, photos, your whole life basically.

A Positive

Even though KRACK attacks are absolute security nightmare, there is one positive.

Remote attacks are (practically) impossible at this stage. To successfully manipulate the WPA2 protocol, hackers have to connect to the Wi-Fi access point. This means they’d have to be within connecting range.

So who is effected?

Every operating system that connects to the Net using WPA2 (which is most of us)  are susceptible to KRACK attacks. But while Windows, iOS, and macOS are far from safe, Android and Linux users should be more concerned.

According to reports, 41% of Android devices are vulnerable to worst versions of the attacks. And researchers have called the KRACK exploit “especially catastrophic” for Linux.

This story has hit the worldwide press below are a few stories they wrote on it.

The Guardian in UK HERE 

The Wired Website HERE

The Independant HERE

What can Average Joes like us do?

In light of these research discoveries, widespread patches are expected.

You should update all of your devices as soon as updates become available.

While routers, desktops, laptops, and smartphones are high on the priority list, this advisory extends to all internet-connected devices, such as smartwatches, TVs even me Fridge?

This is where our VPN recommendation comes in!!

For an added layer of security, you should also use a VPN. IPVanish VPN shields your web traffic by encrypting your device’s internet connection.

What are all the advantages of using a VPN? Read our blog i wrote a while back on the subject HERE

Want to sign up to IP Vanish? Just click on the Picture Below:-

Wi-Fi security has been breached - The importance of VPN


Wi-Fi security has been breached – The importance of VPN

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Wi-Fi security has been breached - The importance of VPN


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