Wookie 8.0 Launched

Wookie 8.0 Launched

Sorry for the delay in reviewing this it has been a hectic few weeks. Wookie 8.0 Launched a few weeks ago, the team at Wookie have taken their wizard to another level.


Good morning Guys first can i apologize for the delay in writing this blog have had a busy few weeks with my day job.

Most of you regular Wookie users would have noticed the changes that the Guys over at Wookie have implemented in their Setup wizard. All i can say is wow what a job guys for those of you that have not heard or used Wookie before “Where have you been living?”

The Wookie is a set of builds currently 3 but i am hearing on the Grapevine their could be another one in the making. It also includes a community wizard where anyone can upload their build for the Kodi community to enjoy.This has about 30 odd builds already to choose from.

Please read our previous blogs of this and how you can get your build to the masses. HERE


Well that’s enough gassing lets have a look at how it all works.

This is the Welcome screen that greets you once you have installed the Wookie.

if you have not already installed it read our guide HERE

Screenshot 2016-02-12 10.40.07

As you can see this has changed a lot since the last wizard build and i think it looks a lot cleaner and is more user friendly which will help a lot of new users.

The first box Install Wookie is where you click to install the three Wookie Exclusive builds.

Wookie 8.0 Launched

Like i said there are currently 3 builds available just ensure you are installing on a clean fresh Kodi (will cover this again in a moment.)

Wookie 8.0 Launched


As you can see from the screenshots they are great looking builds


Wookie 8.0 Launched

The Second Box World Addons this is where extra addons from around the world can be added to your setup only use this after a build has been installed this also includes the XXX section if you require these.

Wookie 8.0 Launched


The third box Wookie SPMC Builds is a great section of builds made by the users of xbmckodiaddons which is a forum

Wookie 8.0 Launched

Some great builds in here which we have covered in the past and some new ones for you to enjoy.

The Fourth Box Community Builds is a section for other builds these are not kept as upto date but can be a great base to start with if you want something different.

Wookie 8.0 Launched

Easy to install just scroll down select the one you want and hit the big red install button and sit back and watch the magic.

Section number 5 is called Tools this is a great addition to this wizard.

Wookie 8.0 Launched

This has a few options for you like Clear Cache. it also includes a Fresh start (Kodi Reset) this will take off any previous builds. It also includes a delete packages option which is useful to free up the device memory. The latest feature added which is wicked is a speed test which is great.

The Guys have certainly done a great job with this wizard it look great and is so easy to use even my 6 year old can use and update his own device.


Whilst I am writing this would like to go on record to thank you all for your support as you are aware we are a brand new site and growing month on month. We really enjoy reading your comments on our twitter account all 15500 of you. if you don’t follow us you can do so by clicking HERE.

To install Wookie 8.0 on your device just click on the advert below and follow the simple instructions


Wookie Wizard


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