Wookie Lite Build Exclusive Coming Soon

Wookie Lite Build Exclusive Coming Soon


Wookie Lite Build Exclusive Coming Soon


Good evening Guys hope you are all well i have some exclusive news and photos for you on the impending new look Wookie Lite build. Yes i am excited as it looks amazing again!

First I would like to thank the team over there for this exclusive story and the continued support that have given our site since it launched 13 weeks ago. They are great bunch of lads and if you have never used the Wookie builds before you sure are missing out. I have not been given a date or time of release just that they will be available very very soon.

The Wookie wizard is available from www.wookiespmc.com or via file manager in Kodi by following this guide below

The guys have told me they have been working tirelessly to get this new clean build out to you whilst giving their legendary 24/7 support on their Twitter and Facebook pages. I don’t think these guys ever sleep! either that or their is an army of the hairy beasts.

Right Sparky less jabber and lets get onto showing you around the two new look builds

Wow here we go again with a Wookie Exclusive with the launch of their Wookie Lite Build that is coming soon …………..

If you have a FireStick or a device with similar memory constraints then this build is for you. Build size is 128Mb but still has all of the main addons so you don’t miss out. It will take only a few mins to download and install as unlike other builds Wookie doe not host its builds on free host sites with limited downloads.


So what are you waiting for get it installed on your device as soon as they launch it!!!!!


If you do not have Wookie wizard installed on your device follow these very simple instructions below:-

Firstly lets look at how to install the wookie wizard:

  • Go to system and on the sub menu you’ll see file manager


  • Then click on the top box and enter http://wiz.wookiespmc.com and then in the bottom box enter .wookie


  • Then go to system again then to addons and install from zip and click on wookie then succumb to the wookie


  • From there go back to home screen and click on programs and then wookie, it will then bring up the similar screen then click on Wookie Lite to install it.


Once you have followed the simple on screen instructions then you will be greeted with the delights below. Like its big brother it has its great looks just less addons taking up all the space.



The Movies screen has plenty of options to keep you up to date on all the latest blockbuster movies.




Phoenix has its own screen and rightly so the best all round addon on kodi at the moment ans all sections are linked to the submenu.




Sports section has all the big players so you will not miss any of the important BPL and other important sporting events.




The Tv Shows section has you covered for all your boxsets some great addons here.




My old mate Uk Turk makes his own page in the build this addon has grown at an alarming pace but no surprise to me as the amount of hours he puts into it you are going to produce this type of quality.




Live Tv section has you covered with great sections from Woody,Dexter and cCloud has 1000’s of channels from around the world for you to enjoy.




Addons screen gives you access to wookie and addon installers and other addons ie:- program addons etc.




System screen is the home for skin settings, profiles and file manager if you want to add url for other sources.








My favourite pair of legs have been saved for the Lite build glad she has been kept on, on serious note this screen has all your maintenance shortcuts.




Music screen has some big hitters and will keep you entertained for a few hours with the banging tunes.




Kids section is great and will keep your little ones entertained and give you peace and quiet.




Few addon screen shots to give you idea whats in the build.




Like i said most of the big hitters just a Lite build with less addons than its big brother.


Screenshot_2016-01-04-18-14-31 (1)






So there you go guys there’s you little exclusive look around the new Wookie Lite build i think i am right in saying they look amazing, the team have done an exceptional job and the great thing about the wookie is they always keep their builds up to date and fresh.


Also guys don’t forget the Wookie Wizard also has an amazing community builds section we have covered a few of these over the last couple of days, if the above build are not for you, or if you are a builder and what to showcase your work to the 40000 wookie wizard users.

These builds, as the name suggests, are custom builds made mainly by members of theWookie Community. These builds vary from the likes of Football team themed builds, Kids builds, Firestick builds, Rock music builds and just about everything in between. In this post I will explain how to install one of these “Community Builds” onto the device of your choice. These builds MUST be Installed onto a blank version of Kodi so please remember to “Clear Data” or run a “Fresh Start” beforehand.


All the best.


download Kodi Spmc xbmc

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