Wookie Retro Skin Build by Wookie Wizard

Wookie Wizard Kodi Add on Wookie Retro Skin

New Wookie Retro Skin

The Wookie has gone retro with their latest update. Adding to different types to their Wookie Wizard. You can now get this wookie retro skin aswell as a new look build.

This wizard defines the term fully loaded and covers everything you need. With really nice images across all the menus. It reminds us of how XBMC used to be. Whether that is a good thing or bad thing is all personal taste.


For more information the Wookie website is www.wookiespmc.com


This is taken from their website:


We believe that Kodi has become over complicated as of late, so we thought why not make it easier again. We have created a build that offers easier access to all the links you want. The Wookie Wizard is simple to install and incredibly easy to use.

Simply use your login and you will also have access to our fantastic selection of Wookie Custom Community Builds.

Don’t worry though we will continually work hard to bring you the best addons we can, all in one great package.

So that you can see what this version offers, please see the screenshots, the odd addon may change from time to time but this is basically the free package.

Please also note as well that Team Wookie does not control any of the addons.


Wookie Wizard Wookie Retro SkinWookie Retro SkinScreenshot_2015-09-29-18-18-06Screenshot_2015-09-29-18-18-17Screenshot_2015-09-29-18-19-24Screenshot_2015-09-29-18-19-31Screenshot_2015-09-29-18-19-39Screenshot_2015-09-29-18-19-47Screenshot_2015-09-29-18-19-58Wookie Retro Skin




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