Wookie Wizard Community Builds

Wookie Wizard Community Builds


Wookie Wizard Community Builds


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So what are the Wookie Community Custom Builds?

Well, it’s very simple really. All Wookie Users have the Wookie Red and Black custom build. We are now giving our community the chance to upload their versions, for the rest of the Wookie community to try.

If you love the Wookie Red and Black, that’s fine, but maybe you would prefer a build dedicated to your greatest film or football team. The possibilities are endless.

So, this is where we throw it out to you guys!

Below are some examples of what some of our community have offered so far within the Wookie Community Custom Builds. The amount of builds will of course increase overtime as our community get hard to work. So if you would love a build of your favourite team, have a look, someone might have already created one. If it’s not there … Why not create one yourself and share it with the community.

All the details of how to upload your design/build to the Wookie Custom Community Builds are all on this page. So get creative, get involved and enjoy!!!

If you have any problems. Simply get in touch with the Wookies on Twitter.

So before you get started building, have a look at some examples of what’s currently available.


To find them simply look for the Wookie Community Custom Builds addon icon.




Click into it and should see all of the current builds available.









Then simply install whatever build you are interested in. Some Examples of builds at the time of writing. Credit goes out to the Wookie Community.

Remember you can only get these Wookie Community Custom Builds if you are a Wookie User on Wookie 5.0.

The examples below are just a snapshot of what that particular build may offer. If you like the example, then why not install it to try it out!



Megas Kid’s Build.




Stevie’s SuperHero Build.




Barry’s Build.




Jordan’s Build.




So you have seen the few examples of the Wookie Community Custom Builds. The amount of builds will increase over time. The images above are obviously not everything contained in that person’s build. It’s just a few examples to show what people from our community have acheived so far to inspire you with your own build.

So if you have a build. Please follow the instructions below of how to get your build into the Wookie Custom Community Builds.






Please follow the instructions below of how to get your build into the Wookie Custom Community Builds.


How to create an update package for the Wookie Wizard 

We will do this in three parts:

Part 1:  How to get the files out of your device and ready to be uploaded.

Part 2:  How to prepare files to be uploaded. 

Part 3:  How to upload it to the wizard so people can download and test your custom build.



1: Never leave your passwords in the the addons or you will share it with everyone please also remove any wookie passwords before uploading, they can be found in your userdata folder.

userdata/addon_data/ delete the “plugin.video.aswizard” folder

userdata/profiles/ (now choose a profile) addon_data/ delete the “plugin.video.aswizard” folder

2: Always start from fresh or your update could get too large.

3: Check you userdata folder this is where most of your devices caches kodi info. There will be lots of ways to make your update smaller by removing old thumbnails/addon data.

4: Check your addons folder and remove the packages folder (this is not needed but will take up space).

5: Keep your skins updated everyone likes working links (you can update your build any time you like). It’s ok taking part in the Wookie community custom builds, but if your links stop working then your build is pointless for the end user.



Part 1

The first thing we need to do is get the files form Kodi or SPMC depending what you have built your setup on. I am going to show you how to get the file using an Android 4.4 T8-AML-V2.

You need file manager HD to be able to see the files. 



Open file manager and locate and enter the “Android” folder



Now click data



Depending on what you use Kodi or SPMC click the correct folder, I am showing you with kodi so I will pick org.xbmc.kodi



Click .Kodi (or .spmc If you use SPMC)



You now need to copy the addons and the userdata files on to an external SD card so you can explore the files with a PC





Part 2

Now we need to prepare the files.

1/ Copy the userdata and addons file to the desktop

2/Remove any wookie passwords before uploading, they can be found in your userdata folder.

  • userdata/addon_data/ delete the “plugin.video.aswizard” folder.
  • userdata/profiles/ (now choose a profile) addon_data/ delete the “plugin.video.aswizard” folder

3/ You now need to Zip up both file together with 7-zip Winzip, or any other program that can compress files into .zip files

You should now have one .zip file,  if you click on this it should have two folders inside “addons” and “usedata”

Part 3

How to upload your new update to the Wookie.
Find a good file sharing host http://www.archive.org 
 http://www.storegate.com http://www.copy.com

Upload your .zip file, an image for your icon, and a background to show when someone highlights your icon.

You should now have 3 files uploaded,  copy all your download links.
Now start a new subject in THIS thread with images of what your build looks like.
Now copy and past this wookie wizard text onto your post and replace the info with your links and description.

The Wookie Wizard will do the rest…


name=”put the name of your build in here”
url=”Put the link to the update in here”
img=”Put the link to your image in here”
fanart=”put the link to your background in here”
description=”add a description about your build here ”




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