XBMCKodiAddons.com Forum

XBMCKodiAddons.com Forum

XBMCKodiAddons.com Forum

Visit www.xbmckodiaddons.com


There are some great helpful forums out there if you have any problems with your build or addons. We were recently alerted to this fantastic forum.

Simply sign up and you will see there are a lot of users willing to help you out at the drop of a hat. No matter whether you are using a PC, Phone or Android TV Box there seems to be plenty of answers for most problems that arise.

It is also a great source for what addons are working or why things are down or if any other Kodi users are experiencing any issues you may be.

We don’t believe the guys there have Twitter or Facebook but the sign up website is www.xbmckodiaddons.com




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