Zem Tv and TvAddons being sued by Dish Network


According to popular website Torrent Freak Zem Tv and Tv Addons are being sued by American cable giant Dish Network, we take a look in this blog to the events over the last few days.


Zem Tv and TvAddons being sued by Dish Network

Good Evening Guys BOOM???????

Yesterday Shani tweeted that Zem Tv was being removed from his repo with immediate effect and thanked for everyone’s support. Today we have read more about this.

The Website Torrent Freak have written an article. Could this be the reason?

The Headline is as follows:-

American satellite and broadcast provider Dish Network has filed a lawsuit against Kodi add-on ZemTV and TVAddons.ag, the largest add-on library. The complaint accuses ZemTV of direct copyright infringement of various TV channels.

TVAddons is liable for distributing the addon in question, according to the complaint.


To read their full article please click HERE



Below a copy of the Lawsuit information.



To view full pdf of the lawsuit document please click HERE


What i don’t understand is that Zem Tv is just a scraper addon that scrapes from websites around the world. Why are Dish and the authorities not going after the original websites who content it is? This is like them suing google as they found the links on there!


TVAddons have not commented on these claims but in Torrent Freaks article they claim to have spoken to a TVAddons insider who was totally unaware of any lawsuit.

I guess we are just going to have to wait and see what happens and where this goes. What is the future of third party addons? Where will TvAddons go from here? What effect will this have on other third party addons and developers?

Looks like loads of third party addons are closing in droves if your favourite addon is no longer working. The chances are its gone follow devs on twitter for updates. full blog to follow once know more details.


Zem Tv and TvAddons being sued by Dish Network

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