Zem Tv Sports 365 Pairing Fix Kodi – Streams cutting out after 5/10 secs?

Zem Tv Sports 365 Pairing Fix Kodi

Afternoon Guys had loads of people messaging us about Zem Tv 365 Sports links. There is an easy fix this blog covers Zem Tv Sports 365 Pairing Fix Kodi. Hope this blog helps alot of you out who have been having issues with this excellent provider.


Zem Tv Sports 365 Pairing Fix Kodi

Good Afternoon Guys hope this blog finds you well. Hope you all had a great Christmas and can i take this opportunity to wish you a happy new year.

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Anyway enough of me rambling on lets get to job in hand.


Zem Tv Sports 365 Pairing Fix Kodi


I have had loads of people messaging me of late asking why Sports 365 Links in Zem Tv cut off after 5/10 seconds.

Well there is a simple explanation!! Which was tweeted about by the amazing Zem Tv dev @Shani. Back in October when the system changed.

He can be followed by clicking on the link. This is why is so important to follow the devs if you can. It will keep you updated on the latest info and fixes if there are problems.

Right to the fix itself, it will take about 10 seconds to do and will be needed to be done each day that you use Sports 365 Streams.

On your device Browser pull up the Sports365.live website as shown below. Click HERE

Then all you have to do is click on the Green Live as shown in Shani’s pic below.

Zem Tv Sports 365 Pairing Fix Kodi


Job done This now pairs this device with the Sports 365 allowing you to use their streams in Kodi.


Easy, So Why all the stressed tweets?




Yes it is an inconvenience, but to be honest only takes a few seconds to do. I can see this being the future on all file hosts and websites within Kodi so i would get used to doing it.

Websites like 365 make money from advertising which is not in Kodi so they lose revenue, this way it gives them a small income from clicks without affecting you.

Yes its perfectly Safe!!


Do I think its worth it?


Yes its worth it for better quality links. Hopefully this blog has helped put a few of your minds at rest.


Enjoy Zem Tv and epecially Sports 365



Sometimes when the section first loads you may get a blank list like below, you then click on refresh listing and it will re populate the list. This i have shown in the picture below that.




List re populated.



Plenty of links for each event.





If after doing this you still cant re populate the list. Its being blocked by your Internet Service provider. The only way around that is to invest in a VPN. I have been banging on for months about the importance of a VPN and the benefits to you as a Kodi User. Read my blog HERE.

Zem Tv Sports 365 Pairing Fix Kodi


Whilst I am writing this would like to go on record to thank you all for your support.

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Thanks from the whole team at #BFK


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